Our Story



I’m Alex, founder of Seeea. This business combines two of my biggest passions: veganism and custom-made t-shirts. 

I started making my first t-shirts when I was a student, somewhere in 2010. I lived in a small town and I was craving to have unique clothes to express my personality. So one day I purchased paint for fabric, a generic tee, and some film to cut off letters… and boom! I made my first t-shirt. It was red with huge letters “Born to be big”, it was pretty ugly, but I was so proud of myself so I wore it for a few years. 

In 2016 I went vegan overnight after watching "Cowspiracy" and just a few minutes of "Earthlings". Since then veganism became my another biggest passion. I want to believe in a cruelty-free world, a world of compassion and justice for everyone. And I want my clothes to reflect my values. I was looking for vegan t-shirts and didn't find the ones I envisioned in my mind, so I decided to make them myself. I hope you will like them too!

Please check out our cute and funny, minimalistic, and bold vegan t-shirts and sweatshirts.

You can always email me at love@seeea.com, that's my direct email.